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For the last 20 years, Triaro Farms has been dedicated to distributing the entire line up of Mensch products to Canadian dairy farmer. The Mensch line up is built on quality and innovation that shows in every product, from rubber manure scraper, to the industry leading manure vacuum truck. The success of Triaro Farms Inc. can be credited to distributing these products and striving to provide our customers with the best in class service.

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Our Products

Our suppliers have been carefully selected to provide you with trusted and quality products. We don’t just sell these products – we use them on our own farms.

Self Propelled

Self Propelled SideShooter will decrease time needed to bed freestalls while reducing the amount of materials wasted from improper placement.


Manure Vacuums

The Manure Vacuum replaces the need for pumps, augers, and concrete channels to transport manure from barn to storage lagoon or process facility.


Manure Scrapers

Mensch manure scrapers are used to scrape away manure quickly and easily. Getting right down to the ground the rubber edge cleans in as little as one pass.


Side Shooter Buckets

Bucket Side-Shooters are designed to spread sand or sawdust into free stall barns, back fill, and can be used in many other applications.

  • Guaranteed consistent, uniform and repeatable feed distribution
  • Save time and labour costs
  • Prevent starve-outs and reduces mortality
  • Increases feed coverage 600%

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